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Improving access to nutritious foods while enriching local ecosystems & economies. A fun, innovative, science-based, data-driven twist on wellness programs and healthy food incentives


Once approved for a healthies credit card, you will receive 1,000 healthies as a sign-on bonus, 1,500 healthies if you spend $500 in the first 3 months and 15 healthies for every ongoing dollar spent.

Full-time Employees

As a participant of your company’s health & wellness program, you’ll be able to redeem up to 10,000 healthies per year and win more prizes in healthy competitions. You can also signup for the healthies credit card to receive its additional benefits.

SNAP/WIC/TANF/Medicaid Beneficiaries

As a beneficiary, you are eligible to receive 3-10 healthies for every dollar you spend on nutritious food, up to 10,000 healthies per year. You can also signup for the healthies credit card to receive its additional benefits.

Grocers, Farmers’ Markets, Restaurateurs

Participating retailers can benefit from additional revenue streams for purchases of foods with higher nutrient values that also help enrich our fragile islands’ ecosystems.

Health Insurance Providers

Insurers play an incredibly important role in helping maintain and improve an individual’s health. Healthies provides robust, quantitative, aggregate employer data to verify efficacy of insurers’ investments into health & wellness programs.


Health & wellness programs are one of the most prudent and beneficial business decisions an organization can make. On average, a good program will save a company $3-$6 for every $1 spent by lowering insurance costs, reducing time off for illnesses, reducing workers’ compensation claims, lowering disability costs, increasing productivity and improving retention rates.

Health Care Practitioners

Practitioners could model their appreciation and understanding of their professions by exemplifying and tracking consistent lifestyles via healthies. They can also better guide their patients with deeper, data-driven decision-making from healthies (if patients wish to share their data).


The government represents the largest full-time employer in the State. Adopting healthies could enable agencies to achieve significant savings, while concurrently helping satisfy wide-ranging goals, including the doubling of local food production, without any additional capital outlay on its end. The influx of additional revenue to local providers will also increase the taxes by 2-3 times via the multiplier effect.

Educational Institutions

Educators at all levels are critical role models. Faculty, teachers, students and parents represent a significant cross-section of our community and the potential to make massive positive changes. healthies can help quantify the amount of positive changes such institutions can make.

The healthies platform is a comprehensive, quantifiable, nutrient tracking system that extrinsically & intrinsically incentivizes healthier food consumption.

Our diet is the single most important preventive measure we can take to reduce chronic ailments like hypertension, diabetes and obesity. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Health insurance providers are keenly aware of that fact and offer health & wellness programs to help reduce policy costs for employers’ full-time employees.

Some of the benefits include:

Employers who provide health & wellness programs to their full-time employees provide monthly rewards to be redeemed for the purchase of local, organic fruits & vegetables from farms, farmers’ markets, CSAs and participating retailers.

[icon_box border=”0″ image=”537″ class=”small-iconblock”]Health insurance companies average 50% ROI due to reduced claims[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ image=”538″ class=”small-iconblock”]Employers can get up to 400% ROI due to increased productivity (reduced absenteeism and presenteeism)[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ image=”539″ class=”small-iconblock”]Employees save money on food and health care costs[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ image=”540″ class=”small-iconblock”]Farmers, CSAs and qualifying retailers make more money on local, organic fruits and vegetables via these redirected revenue streams[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ image=”541″ class=”small-iconblock”]Soils are remediated, greenhouse gas emissions and toxic run-off is reduced, improving the health of our lands, air and nearshore marine life[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ image=”542″ class=”small-iconblock”]More money in the local economy has a multiplier effect increasing taxes 2-3x[/icon_box]

There are also federal programs (USDA SNAP, WIC, TANF & Medicaid) that help improve food accessibility for lower socio-economic beneficiaries. A USDA SNAP pilot study revealed that when beneficiaries received monetary incentives of $.30 for every dollar spent, they improved their whole foods consumption of fresh fruits & vegetables by more than 25%. Higher incentives like “double dollars” from Wholesome Wave show even greater whole food consumption.

SNAP, WIC, TANF and Medicaid beneficiaries receive financial incentives for all foods consumed over an established nutritional value. The rewards can be redeemed to purchase local, organic fruits and vegetables from farms, farmer’s markets, CSAs and participating retailers.

The healthies platform provides reports with visualized metrics of personal data for individuals who have opted into the program and aggregated data to employers, insurance companies, participating vendors and governmental agencies.

Primary funding comes from existing programs’  revenue streams and is subtly redirected to improve overall personal, ecological, socio-cultural and economic health for all stakeholders.

Healthy eating made easy with a top team of nutritionists in your pocket.

We all know we should eat healthier, but who has time to sort through all the info to know which foods are best? healthies is backed by the world’s most scientifically rigorous methodology on nutrition, created by a team of international experts led by Dr. David Katz, founder of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. healthies helps cut through the clutter to personalize your grocery experience to enable optimal food consumption.

Vitamins A, B, C… as easy as 1, 2, 3

Login to our website and download the app to score your foods on how well they meet your unique needs. With easy-to-understand nutrition information and personalized food scores, healthies gives you tools to find better products for you and your ohana.

Step 1.

Get healthy eating suggestions every time you go shopping
[icon_box border=”0″ image=”544″ class=”alternate-font”]Connect your favorite grocery store loyalty or rewards card to learn how healthy your purchases actually are.[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ image=”545″ class=”alternate-font”]Use our app to scan groceries and learn about the nutritional value of over 350,000 products.[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ image=”546″ class=”alternate-font”]Take a photo of your grocery receipt to receive suggestions of healthier alternatives.[/icon_box]

Step 2.

Learn which foods will best help you achieve your health goals through personalized results and recommendations.

Healthies simplifies shopping for groceries by giving a score for the foods you love based on your age, gender and how well the product meets your ingredient and nutrition preferences.

Set up a profile of what you’re looking for — choose from our list of some of the most common allergies & health goals or create your own. We’ll then share food scores and suggest which products are best for you.


A strong match… good to eat in normal portions.


A medium match… should read the labels carefully.


A weak match… only eat occasionally in small portions.

Foods contain an allergen you indicated in your profile… avoid these foods.

(The scores are only meant as guidelines. Although we follow strict quality assurance practices, exercise caution if you have concerns or have a serious food-related condition.)

Step 3.

Level-up to something better.

healthies helps you optimize your grocery list by suggesting similar products with higher scores, so you can “level up” for something better based on your previous purchases or for any item you scan.

Earn healthies for all your positive dietary choices & physical activities

It’s even more fun when you compete with your family and friends to see who accrues the most healthies!!!

  • Sleep 7+ Hours a Night
  • Eat/Drink Something Healthy
  • Walk Your Dog
  • Vacuum Your House
  • Do some Gardening
  • Play Ultimate Disc
  • Go for a Surf
  • Do just about anything!!!

Spend your healthies on fabulous rewards

Local, Organic Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs

Local, Organic, Plant-Based Meals & Drinks

Local Carbon Offsets (Agroforestry, soil remediation)

Exercise, Yoga, Meditation Classes

Healthies in Action

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, health benefits represent 7.6% of an employee compensation, on average. The average cost per employee for healthcare and all related costs is currently over $10,000. With rising healthcare costs, this cost is not likely to decrease, hence employers are taking action and implementing wellness incentives to reward employees for healthy living.

Average costs of intermediate to premium wellness programs conducted year-round with proper management range from $400 – $1100 per employee per year, with an average return of $3-$6 for every $1 spent. Savings are recognized by:

  • Lowering insurance costs
  • Reducing time off for illnesses
  • Reducing workers’ compensation claims
  • Lowering disability costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving retention rates

Key Statistics

  • 70% of illnesses that result in time off are preventable
  • Obesity health service costs are 36% higher than those of fit individuals
  • Two thirds of Americans are considered overweight or obese
  • Workplace stress results in over $200 billion each year in loss of productivity & absenteeism
  • High blood pressure & cholesterol account for 25% of total medical costs
  • Smokers visit healthcare professionals up to six times more than non-smokers

Action Items

  • Weight loss contests
  • Free flu shots
  • Smoke free policy
  • Smoking cessation program
  • Company sponsored sports activities
  • Walking programs
  • Gym memberships
  • Onsite blood pressure & cholesterol testing
  • Health Risk & Wellness Assessments
  • Easy access to healthier foods
  • Onsite Yoga or aerobics classes
  • Access to personal trainers or mentors