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For Employers

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Add your Employees

Give them “healthies” to save money on healthy food.

Host Competitions

Encourage healthy lifestyles with awards.

Health Care Advisors

Help validate and supervise employees and competitions.

Track Healthy Activity

Generate reports on the health of your employees and the effectiveness of the program.

The healthies platform encourages healthier food consumption and lifestyles with a comprehensive, quantifiable, physical activity & nutrient tracking system.

Health & wellness programs are one of the most prudent and beneficial business decisions an organization can make. On average, a good program will save a company $3 – $6 for every $1 spent by lowering insurance costs, reducing time off for illnesses, reducing workers’ compensation claims, lowering disability costs, increasing productivity and improving retention rates.

Increase your revenue

Through the healthies program, employers are expected to see an increase between 300-600% in their Return of Investment.

Health & Wellness made easy

Your Employees will thank you as you reduce their food and medical costs, and improve their quality of life. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Healthier... happier... one taste at a time.

It’s never too late to improve your living habits and the sustainability and health of not only you, or those around you, including the entire ecosystem. Be the Future, Seize Today!