For Full-time Employees

For Full-time Employees

Getting Started

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Scan Barcodes & Receipts

Use your cellphone to scan and get all the relevant data.

Add Journal

Track daily activity to get healthier.

Shop Local & Organic

Buy local, organic food directly from farmers using healthy resource management.

Track Goals

Track your progress on the road to health.

Compete for Prizes

Join a competition to win extra healthies and other prizes.

The healthies platform encourages healthier food consumption and lifestyles with a comprehensive, quantifiable, physical activity & nutrient tracking system.

As a participant in your company’s health & wellness program, you’ll be able to redeem up to 10,000 healthies per year and win more prizes in healthy competitions. You can also sign up for the healthies credit card to receive additional benefits.

Feel Better, Do Better

Experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as you reduce food and medical costs, and improve quality of life. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Help sustainability grow

Local, sustainable farmers, farmers’ markets, qualifying retailers, restaurateurs, cottage industry and workforce development all contribute to a more sustainable, resilient & regenerative economy.

Healthier... happier... one taste at a time.

It’s never too late to improve your living habits and the sustainability and health of not only you, or those around you, including the entire ecosystem. Be the Future, Seize Today!