For Health Care Practitioners

For Health Care Practitioners

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Link with Employers

Work with employers to help workforce develop healthy lifestyles.

Link with Consumers

Engage directly with consumers and help them find their health sweet spot.

Biometric Data

Monitor daily activity of consumers who choose to share their data.

Help your Patients.

Offer tips and recommendations. Edit patients’ goals to promote their health.

Review Competitions

Validate public and employer competitions with biometric data from participants.

The healthies platform encourages healthier food consumption and lifestyles with a comprehensive, quantifiable, physical activity & nutrient tracking system.

Practitioners could model their appreciation and understanding of their professions by exemplifying and tracking consistent lifestyles via healthies. They can also better guide their patients with deeper, data-driven decision-making from healthies (if patients wish to share their data).

Sustainable & Healthy Choices

If Americans ate just one more serving of fruits or vegetables per day, it would save more than 30,000 lives and $5 billion in medical costs each year. ($25 million in Hawaii)

Help your patients feel better

Enable them to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by reducing food and medical costs while improving their quality of life.

Healthier... happier... one taste at a time.

It’s never too late to improve your living habits and the sustainability and health of not only you, or those around you, including the entire ecosystem. Be the Future, Seize Today!