For Health Insurers

For Health Insurers

Getting Started

Link with Employees

Work with employers to help their workforce develop healthy lifestyles.

Login to the App

Quick and easy with email verification.

Configure Settings

Change your configuration to suit your needs.

Access Data

View day to raw data of consumers from employers in your program.

Schedule Reports

Receive regular automated reports by email or in your DropBox account.

Track Improvements

Detailed long-term tracking helps increase effectiveness of the program.

The healthies platform encourages healthier food consumption and lifestyles with a comprehensive, quantifiable, physical activity & nutrient tracking system.

Insurers play an incredibly important role in helping maintain and improve an individual’s health. Healthies provides robust, quantitative, aggregate employer data to verify efficacy of insurers’ investments in health & wellness programs.

Increase your Revenue

Health insurance companies average 50% ROI due to reduced claim. Employers can get 300% – 600% ROI due to increased productivity (reduced absenteeism and presenteeism).

Environmentally Conscious

Soils are remediated and greenhouse gas emissions and toxic run-off are reduced, improving the health of our lands, air and near-shore marine life.

Healthier... happier... one taste at a time.

It’s never too late to improve your living habits and the sustainability and health of not only you, or those around you, including the entire ecosystem. Be the Future, Seize Today!