Summary of Outcomes

Complete Solution

As far as we know, this is the first ‘complete loop’ system in the world that embodies the soil-to-sale/farm-to-fork reality of sustainable agriculture where the front-end ties farmer to food distributor to retailer/restaurant, thereby greatly improving the food product, economies and waste efficiency cycle  . . . and the back-end ties all of that directly to the consumer, providing incentives and quantitative, individualized, nutritional analyses to make healthier choices.

  • Medical costs of treating heart disease and stroke were estimated at $94 billion ($470 million in Hawaii) in 2010, and this figure is projected to nearly triple by 2030.
  • If Americans ate just one more serving of fruits or vegetables per day, this would save more than 30,000 lives and $5 billion in medical costs each year. ($25 million in Hawaii)
  • If Americans were to follow current USDA recommendations for daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, those numbers would go up to more than 127,000 lives and $17 billion saved. ($85 million in Hawaii)
  • According to methods commonly used by economists, the increased longevity that would result if Americans ate the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables is worth over $11 trillion. ($55 billion in Hawaii)
Union of Concerned Scientists, 2013

Causes of Premature Death

McGinnis et al., 2002

[chart title=”Inadequate medical care” percent=”10″ image=”580″ label=”10%”]

[chart title=”Environmental Exposure” percent=”5″ image=”581″ label=”5%”]

[chart title=”Behavioral Patterns” percent=”40″ image=”582″ label=”40%”]

[chart title=”Genetic Predisposition” percent=”30″ image=”585″ label=”30%”]

[chart title=”Social Circumstances” percent=”15″ image=”584″ label=”15%”]

Our healthy incentives initiative has the capacity to directly and indirectly address the non-genetic aspects of these issues. Many stakeholders realize unprecedented benefits:

Insurer Benefits

health insurance providers see up to a 50% ROI 

Employer Benefits

Employers see a 300%-600% ROI

Employee Benefits

Employees reduce food and medical costs and improve quality of life


Farmer Benefits

Local, sustainable farmers, farmers’ markets and qualifying retailers and restauranteurs access a pipeline of add’l funding

Workforce Benefits

Cottage industry & workforce development toward sustainability, resiliency & regenerative practices

Environmental Benefits

helps address natural resource maintenance (soil remediation, carbon sequestration & greenhouse gas emission, etc.)

Government Benefits

Government receives 2-3x tax revenue from more local purchases and the multiplier effect